‘Final Girls’ Riley Sager

⭐️⭐️⭐️ and a half stars!

I did things a bit back to front with Riley Sager. I started with the most recent thriller from this author and worked my way backwards to this debut novel. This is possibly why I didn’t enjoy ‘Final Girls’ as much as I enjoyed ‘Last time I Lied’ and ‘Lock Every Door’. This rating of 3 and a half is simply due to pacing. I got a bit tired and bored in the middle. I was however invested in the main character Quincy and how she has put her life back together after a massacre that left her the only survivor. I think also I have simply read so many thrillers that I see ‘red herrings’ as simply that ‘red herrings’ and so I guessed at many of the reveals.

However I definitely would recommend this thriller and also insist that you read Sager’s later two thrillers to see how he has honed his skill in story telling.

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