‘Lock Every Door’ Riley Sager


This thriller ticks every box for me me! It is the much hyped third book from Riley Sager and one that I happily parted with a lot of money, brand new and hard covered, for. I absolutely demolished it in a day and a half and could not put it down. Those boxes I mentioned were all tucked, gothic atmosphere of a spooky building, strong female protagonist, and a plot I couldn’t guess.

Brilliant five star thriller you have to read.

‘Cactus’ Sarah Haywood


Can this book be a ‘coming of age’ story if the protagonist is in her 40’s? I think so as the theme is one of metamorphosis and change. This is the story of Susan Green who has reached her mid forties living a life she is in total control of. Following the death of her mother her life starts to take turns and twists she could never have imagined. If you enjoyed ‘Eleanor Oliphant’ you will like Susan.

As I am reinventing myself and connecting with my purpose in my forties I thoroughly enjoyed immersing my self in Susan’s journey!

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Celeste Ng


What can I say that hasn’t already been said about ‘Little Fires Everywhere’? It’s beautifully written, it’s evocative and powerfully character driven. It’s a must read. Celeste Ng is brilliant.

The story revolves around a community called Shaker Heights and the Richardson family, their four children and mother (Dad is around but seems absent from the dynamic), they lease their investment property to an enigmatic single mother. At the same time a baby that is abandoned and fostered by family friends becomes the subject of a viscous custody battle.

I loved that this was set in the 1990s and really enjoyed the family dynamics and complex personalities.

This books is currently being adapted into with a film or series starring Reece Wetherspoon. And I… cannot… wait!

‘The Night Before’ Wendy Walker


A rather good and pacy domestic thriller. It centres around Laura who is dipping her toes into the dating pond after she returns to her home town heart broken. We quickly see that Laura has many secrets and that the first date with her match on a date site may not be such a great idea. But we are led to wonder she is in danger when she doesn’t return home the next morning or if she is a danger to her date? I did enjoy this read but it didn’t wow me. It was a solid thriller though and couldn’t really find any huge fault with it!

‘An Unwanted Guest’ Shari Lapena


A quick and effective 4 ⭐️ thriller for me!

This Lapena came out last year and I clearly was day dreaming and missed it although I have her next book which is due out next month already marked on my calendar! This time the mystery surrounds a group of strangers that are snowed in, in a quaint hotel. When the guests start to get picked off one by one it’s clear that one of the guests is the murderer. It gave me chills and thrills and definite Agatha Christie/Cluedo vibes.

‘All Your Perfects’ Colleen Hoover


I think I may get eaten alive by all the Colleen Hoover fans out there for rating this as anything lower than a 5. I don’t read this genre often though. This is new adult romance which is not my bag at all. I picked it up as part of a readathon and did want a lighter read.

It deals with some heavy topics; infertility and marriage difficulties and I did appreciate the pain described. I am a Psychologist however and the ending was a bit to neat and tidy for me. Then again it is fiction so maybe I’m just a bit of a jaded old hag?

‘I Found You’ Lisa Jewel


As most Lisa Jewel mysteries this is a solid 4 star read. I’m reading it as part of buzzwordathon and the buzzword is ‘You’. So I searched Good Reads and was amazed I had missed this. I feel like I’ve read most Lisa Jewel books and most contemporary thrillers with ‘You’ in the title. Anyhow I’m glad I missed this and got to read it now.

This centres around Alice, a busy mum of three who finds a man sitting on the beach in front of her cottage. He is drenched, handsome and also missing his memory. At the same time we follow Lily who is a newly wedded Ukrainian bride who has found herself alone in London,

when her new husband disappears.

As mysteries go this was a good solid read, that did I enjoy even though I guessed the big twist pretty early on. But I have read so many thrillers that this shouldn’t deter anyone from the book at all.

Definitely recommend this one for a good summer mystery!

‘An American Marriage’ Tayari Jones


There is a reason this fourth book by Tayari Jones won this year’s Women’s Prize. This is a heartbreaking tale of love and injustice. Roy and Celestial are a young married couple, when Roy is accused of and found guilty of rape based mainly on the colour of his skin. The young couple has to try to navigate being torn apartwhile Roy is incarcerated. Individually they have to find out how strong they are and together how strong their love can be.

I picked this book up in the middle of a readathon and I finished it in one night. I stayed up into the early hours experiencing Roy and Celestial’s love story. It gave me all the feels and I’m going to admit it … many tears. Beautiful and haunting.

‘Everything I Never Told You’ Celeste Ng


This is Celeste Ng’s debut novel … if this is her debut I’m absolutely ecstatic and excited at the many more books we have coming to us from her.

‘Everything I Never Told You’ is the heartbreaking tale of an American Chinese family in a small town in Ohio in the 1970’s. Lydia the middle child dies under tragic circumstances and this beautifully written narrative looks at both the events leading up to this and the aftermath, as the family tries to find their feet.

This is a mystery but written as literary fiction. Beautiful, elegant and flowing literary fiction! Brilliant and breath taking!

‘Pieces Of Her’ Karin Slaughter


I am currently in the midst of a ‘grumpy reading slump’. For some reason everything I am picking up is not enthralling me.

I absolutely adored Karin Slaughter’s ‘The Good Daughter’. And have battled a little with every other book of her’s that just haven’t met that level.

This book starts out in the middle of a life threatening traumatic event that Andy and her mother Laura have to try and survive. From there the plot is pretty pacy and fast. Lots of twists and turns and breathless tension. All sounds fab for a thriller right? I think the problem is that I simply did not like the main characters. I found both Andy and her mother annoying but seriously I did not enjoy Andy more. She is a 31 year old 911 operator but comes across as an unintelligent child who tends to vomit when frightened. And that seems to happen a lot.