‘All That’s Bright And Gone’ Eliza Nellums


Firstly thanks to the Author and Netgalley for this Advanced Copy! This is gorgeous, thrilling, heart breaking and lovely all wrapped up in a beautiful child-narrated domestic thriller. I absolutely adored six year old Aoife (eef-faa) and her determination in figuring out the mystery surrounding her brother’s murder. She has a little help from Hannah, her slightly older neighbour and Teddy, her furry friend no one else can see!

‘The Afrikaner’ Arianna Dagnino


Thank you NetGalley, the author Adrianna Dagnino and the publisher for an E ARC of ‘The Afrikaner’.

As a White English-Speaking South African now living in the Uk I couldn’t wait to start this book. It’s written so well it transported me home.

So many lines made me stop and close my eyes so that I could fully immerse myself in the feelings the imagery evoked. I ended up goggling Ms Dagnino as I was confused to see she was Italian, living in Canada. She had to have lived in Southern Africa, as it has bewitched her to her soul. I could see it in her beautiful writing. I was right. She did indeed spend 5 years living and writing as a reported in SA.

This book centres around Zoe, an Afrikaans Paleontologist is struggling to come to terms with the horrific murder of her partner in a hijacking in downtown Joburg. It’s set in 1996 and this resonated with me hugely. I was completing my Master’s degree in South Africa at this time and wrote my thesis on the Social Identity of White English-Speaking South Africans versus the Social Identity of Afrikaans South Africans, a theme that is highlighted in this book.

I could write pages and pages on how brilliantly this book depicts transcultural, racial, romantic and magical elements, all woven into a evocative story. But all I will say is if you have lived in South Africa you will love this book, as it will pull at the magic Mama Africa has left in you and if you haven’t ever visited South Africa you will fall in love.

‘Open Your Eyes’ By Paula Daly

4 stars!!!! Thank you to Netgalley and Paula Daly for the advanced copy although I only got to it now! It is available now!!!! Go and snap it up!

A thoroughly enjoyable domestic thriller. Jane’s husband is a successful author and when he gets shot in the head with a nail gun in an attack, she has to figure out not only how to put her life together again but also who did this to him.

As a psychologist I really liked the way brain injury is included in the plot in a very believable way. People often overlook the different to personality after the brain is injured.

I found this book intelligent and believable and I only guessed the reveal shortly before it was unveiled which is great for someone like me who reads mostly domestic thrillers.

Fab work and really recommended!

Rapid Review – ‘The Wife’s Secret’ by Kerry Wilkinson

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for this E-ARC. I have never read anything by this author so I was excited to get my hands on this book. The premise was really great with a newly wedded bride going missing from her reception. As the story unfolds her past childhood tragedy gets revealed as well as many plot twists.

This is a book I do recommend even though I felt the need to kick the bridge groom to get him to be a bit more energised somehow which was weird. I felt annoyed with him often in the story. I did find the plot a bit predictable but I have read so many thrillers and mysteries that I often do.

A solid and recommended 3 stars.