‘Someone We Know’ Shari Lapena

This latest instalment of mystery from Shari Lapena I think is the best of her thrillers so far. A beautiful woman disappears and is found dead. The usual suspect is her husband but what about all the other men she was seeing?

This book reminded me of ‘Big Little Lies’ meets ‘Gone Girl’.

If you have love Lapena’s other books you will absolutely adore this!

‘Sleep’ CL Taylor


All the elements were there for a fantastic 5 star thriller but it just didn’t get there. The plot should have been fabulous spine tingling mystery: Young woman has terrible car wreck and, consumed with guilt escapes her life to a remote Scottish village to help run a small Inn. Enter unstable guests and a 7 day long storm that strands them in the Inn.

Without giving too much away and spoiling the plot I’ll just say it didn’t give me chills and the main character irritated me immensely.

So a grumpy three stars 🌟

‘Cross Her Heart’ Sarah Pinborough


Ahhhhh I wanted to love this as much as I loved ‘Behind Her Eyes’, but there was one particular reveal that I just couldn’t buy. I am feeling so disappointed.

This is the second Sarah Pinborough book on my TBR this month so I hope I’ll love the next one.

This particular domestic thriller revolves a neurotic mum, Lisa and her teenage daughter, Ava. Lisa is haunted by someone or something and it’s very clear that she wants to keep her and her daughter safe from an dangerous threat. I did love the tension between these two protagonists (I can relate having THREE teenage daughters) and I thought the book was going in one direction when the plot surprised the heck out of me. But as I said above there was one big reveal I couldn’t accept. If you’ve read this do let me know if you agree without giving away too much.

‘The Passage’ Justin Cronin


I’m a bit late to the party on this one! I want to say, right at the start of this review, this could easily have been a 5 star review!

I didn’t enjoy this character driven thriller as much as most just because of my own personal head space right now. I can totally see myself reading this in a less mentally taxing stage of my life and awarding 5 stars.

This is an apocalyptic horror/thriller which is a genre I love. The main characters are a depressed FBI agent and a little girl who we can see immediately is a special character with unusual importance in the fate of the world. Enter a vampire creating virus! Love it. This is so well written and I bow to Cronin’s use of character development!

The writing is very dense though and I did feel a bit like I was wading through deep water. But I understand the importance of the back stories of the characters… fleshing then out as it were. So I think it’s simply down to my own mental fatigue that I didn’t award ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ and not the book at all!

‘All That’s Bright And Gone’ Eliza Nellums


Firstly thanks to the Author and Netgalley for this Advanced Copy! This is gorgeous, thrilling, heart breaking and lovely all wrapped up in a beautiful child-narrated domestic thriller. I absolutely adored six year old Aoife (eef-faa) and her determination in figuring out the mystery surrounding her brother’s murder. She has a little help from Hannah, her slightly older neighbour and Teddy, her furry friend no one else can see!

Pet Sematary – Stephen King


I nabbed a second hand copy of Pet Sematary from Book Depository with the intent to reread it before watching the 2019 film adaptation.

The is vintage Stephen King at his best! A young family moves into a house by a deadly road, they befriend their neighbours and learn about a pet burial ground close to their house. The main character is Louis the father of the family and doctor who revisits his own relationship with death. Sometimes…. dead is better. I wondered if this book would be as terrifying to me now as it was to me in my teenage years and the answer is a firm YES!!!!

After hearing that the 2019 film is so different from the book, with Ellie (the daughter) being the one to get killed (no spoiler it’s in the trailer) and apparently a hugely different ending I’ve decided to give the film a miss.

I may watch the slightly cheesy 1989 firm instead!

‘The Last Anniversary’ Liane Moriarty


I think this may be the only Liane Moriarty novel I hadn’t read. It may be my favourite.

The plot centres around an old mystery of a missing couple and their baby who is left behind, to be raised by sisters Connie and Rose on a beautiful island. One of the few houses on the island belongs to Connie (who is one of the sisters involved in the mystery) and after her death she leaves her house is Sophie, who is not a family member but who loves her house so very much. As Sophie moves to the Island, the family prepares for the Anniversary of the found baby all those years ago.

This book captured me through the skilful portrayal of characters and their histories. It is definitely a character driven plot and so very much a slow burn. I think it’ll the pacing has been a little faster it may have been a 5 star for me.

‘The Test’ By Sylvain Neuvel

I had heard this dystopian novella that centres around The British Citizen Test, was all kinds of messed up and reminiscent of a ‘Black Mirror’ episode. And I totally agree! Although it’s not as messed up as I thought it may be (which may say more about my imagination). The author, Sylvain Neuvel, is in fact involves in the ‘Black Mirror’ book projects so the vibes are real. I loved this novella. It’s 100ish pages of clever, psychological and harrowing action! Ticks a my boxes! New favourite author and perhaps in favourite human in Sylvain Neuvel!

Book description on Good Reads:

‘The Things We Thought We Knew’ Mahsuda Snaith


I had heard rave reviews about this book and when I picked up and saw that the author, Mahsuda Snaith had previously won awards I assumed the book would be good. But then I saw that it’s her debut novel and I got a bit nervous. Let me just say that Mahsuda Snaith is the kind of writer I wish I could be or could have been had I been a writer. This is a brilliant coming of age story with a hint of mystery and a hint of a love story.

Ravine is a young woman forced to remain in her mother’s council flat in Leister due to a chronic pain condition that started on the night her best friend, Marianne, disappeared a decade earlier. Snaith’s rich and evocative writing make the reader fall in love with the characters and really become invested in them and their fate. I’m sure this will be one of my top books read in 2019!

Book description thanks to amazon and found here:


The first memory I have of you is all knickers and legs. You had flipped yourself into a handstand and couldn’t get back down. We became best friends, racing slugs, pretending to be spies – all the things that children do. 

Ten years later, eighteen-year-old Ravine Roy spends every day in her room. Completing crosswords and scribbling in her journal, she keeps the outside world exactly where she wants it; outside. 

But as the real world begins to invade her carefully controlled space, she is forced to finally confront the questions she’s been avoiding. Who is her mother meeting in secret? Who has moved in next door? 

And why, all those years ago, when two girls pulled on their raincoats and wellies and headed out into the woods did only one of them return? 

‘Wolfhunter River’ by Rachel Caine


This is the third installment of the Stillwater Lake series featuring Gwen Proctor/Gina Royal, the kick ass mum of two and former wife of a hideous serial killer. The first two books really focussed on Gina/Gwen trying to keep her kids safe from her ex husband as well as the dark world of internet trolls determined to punish her for her husband’s crimes. This book takes a completely different turn and introduces a whole new world of enemies in the ominous town of Wolfhunter River. The non stop pace of the first two books feels like it petered out a little at the start of this book and I must say I felt a bit bored (!!!), something that would never have happened in the first two installments. In fact the second book was almost too fast, it made me feel a little traumatised at the end. On the whole, the book delivers the goods. A solid thriller, a brave protagonist and a whole lotta action!