‘Snap’ Belinda Bauer


This was a fantastic find for me. This wasn’t a mere thriller but stepped into literary character driven fiction too. So atmospheric and moving. A pregnant mum of three is forced to leave her children in their broken down car to find help and never returns. After she is found murdered her family cannot pick up the pieces and it falls onto her oldest son Jack to resort to what he can to feed his little sisters. But is it also his job to solve her murder?

‘Someone We Know’ Shari Lapena

This latest instalment of mystery from Shari Lapena I think is the best of her thrillers so far. A beautiful woman disappears and is found dead. The usual suspect is her husband but what about all the other men she was seeing?

This book reminded me of ‘Big Little Lies’ meets ‘Gone Girl’.

If you have love Lapena’s other books you will absolutely adore this!

‘The Turn Of The Key’ Ruth Ware


This is the highest rating I’ve ever given a Ruth Ware book. I was happily anticipating this latest release by her and she didn’t let me down. This, for me, is the best book by Ruth Ware to date.

This story revolves around Rowan, a nanny who finds a job that seems too good to be true. A gorgeous old house in the middle of no where in Scotland. Rich yet absent employers, 4 beautiful little girls to care for and ridiculously high salary.

This definitely smacked of gothic mystique even more so than her last book ‘The Death of Mrs Westaway’.

I found this book richer in thrills, spine tingles and simple all round creepiness!

‘How To Find Home’ Mahsuda Snaith

I’m a huge Mahsuda Snaith fan and loved her debut novel which I read earlier in the year. As soon as this one got published I ordered it and have finally gotten to it. This is a special book for me as it looks at some severe mental health issues (I’m a psychotherapist) and abuse. As well as homelessness and drug abuse. Ultimately though it’s tale about victory as our main character Molly goes on a journey with her new friend Luca and her street wise friend Jules. Along the way she learns more about herself and her friends. This book is a definite hard hitting contemporary novel but has the sweetest whimsical side which leaves one wondering are the things Molly sees a symptom of her mental health condition or could it in fact be magic?

‘The Flat Share’ Beth O’Leary


I needed something happy and light after months of thrillers and an unsuccessful attempt at reading the Man Book Long List books.

This is exactly that, light, happy and adorable. It

revolves around Tiffy, who is newly heartbroken and broke and so answers a gumtree advert to share a flat and bed with Leon (a palliative care nurse). The arrangement is that Tiffy gets the flat and bed every evening and weekends while Leon gets them every week day as he works nights.

This is the perfect summer read!

‘My Sister The Serial Killer’ Oyinkan Braithwaite

This book is on the Man Booker Long List this year and I tried a chapter of each of the thirteen books and the only one I wanted to continue with is ‘My Sister The Serial Killer’. Probably because it actually has punctuation (I’m obviously too stupid to understand the creative license of not using any punctuation). This is a quick and pacy read set in Lagos in Nigeria. I love books set in any part of Africa having grown up and spent most of my adult life in South Africa. I enjoyed the plot, could see how the story would unfold but that didn’t stop my enjoyment!

It’s a steady 3.5 for me. I did adore it but I would recommend it!

‘Sleep’ CL Taylor


All the elements were there for a fantastic 5 star thriller but it just didn’t get there. The plot should have been fabulous spine tingling mystery: Young woman has terrible car wreck and, consumed with guilt escapes her life to a remote Scottish village to help run a small Inn. Enter unstable guests and a 7 day long storm that strands them in the Inn.

Without giving too much away and spoiling the plot I’ll just say it didn’t give me chills and the main character irritated me immensely.

So a grumpy three stars 🌟

‘Where the Crawdads Sing’ Delia Owens


This is a fantastic novel, part murder mystery, part love story and part coming of age poetry. I finished it quickly hungry for more of the scenery and more of Kya, the Marsh Girl.

Catherine Clark (Kya) is abandoned by her family one by one, left to survive in the marshy swampy of North Coralina in the 1950s.

Her survival, her strength and her story are completely mesmerising!

5 Stars for maybe the best book I’ve read this year!

‘Lock Every Door’ Riley Sager


This thriller ticks every box for me me! It is the much hyped third book from Riley Sager and one that I happily parted with a lot of money, brand new and hard covered, for. I absolutely demolished it in a day and a half and could not put it down. Those boxes I mentioned were all tucked, gothic atmosphere of a spooky building, strong female protagonist, and a plot I couldn’t guess.

Brilliant five star thriller you have to read.